Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend: Lady Midday (or Полудница)

You know me, when I see a white nail polish of any kind, I always want to try it! So when Dance Legend offered to send me a couple of colors from their Anna Gorelova Summer 2015 collection I didn’t hesitate a moment to ask for this white jelly spiced up with golden glitter.

Anna Gorelova Dance Legend Lady Midday

First let me tell you about the name. Lady Midday, or Полудница in Russian is a mythical character in Eastern European cultures. She is a young lady with long golden hair wearing a white dress. Most of the times Lady Midday is harmless, she roams fields not allowing folks to work at midday when they should rest. If they do, she comes and punishes them.

Anna Gorelova Dance Legend Lady Midday Полудница

Lady Midday is a white based jelly with middle sized golden hexes and small golden specks, the polish also has some super tiny pink shimmers, but it’s hard to see the shimmer on the nails, if only in macro shots in a bright artificial lighting (?) but definitely not in real life.

Anna Gorelova Dance Legend Lady Midday Полудница

On my nails I have Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend Lady Midday applied in three coats over a transparent peel off base, with a clear glossy top on. The polish is quite sheer, and in 2 coats it was streaky. Three coats is what you need to reach opacity if you want to wear it solo. Another way would be to layer Lady Midday over a white base, but I’m afraid it can loose it’s lightness and become a bold white/golden glitter which it is most definitely not.

I wore the white glitter with a sleeveless red and white polka dot dress and a fine knit white cardigan.

Anna Gorelova Dance Legend Lady Midday Полудница

More pics of the polish as well as of the rest of the Summer 2015 collection you can find on Dance Legend Facebook here. Please, note that right now Dance Legend is on summer holidays till August, 28 and they might not be super active till September.

Анна Горелова Полудница Dance Legend

Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. Wonderful polish and thank you for the cute story about Lady Midday, it is quite interesting!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      You are most welcome! tbh I haven’t heard of Lady Midday before, so it was interesting to read about the character to me too :)

  2. oooh very nice it gives me ideas for some layering :D

  3. I love it, it looks very elegant to me :-)

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