Sherbet stripes of Moo’s

I gave another try to a pastel glitter by Moo Moo’s Signatures called Sherbet, and here’s what I got as a result:

Moo Moo's Signatures Sherbet

I remember I applied the soft girly glitter on naked nails to see if there’s a way to swatch it that bold, but I didn’t like the look. Over bare nails Sherbet lost most of its cuteness and became somewhat pale and boring. This time I added black stripes to naked nails and that previous uninteresting look was instantly transformed into a quite expressive manicure. I must say I really liked the result :)

Moo Moo's Signatures Sherbet

To achieve the look I hand painted black stripes on my naked nails, and then applied one coat of Moo Moo’s Sherbet over the stripes. I did the pastel glitter nail design for Day 7 of the OMD3 nail art challenge where the theme was “Glittery”. I hope you liked the manicure :)

Negative space black stripes nails design

Thanks for looking! <3

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