PS4 nails

The iconic pink square, green triangle, red circle and blue cross, all hand painted over a black glossy background:

Playstation 4 nails design controller

Those of you who play Playstation will sure recognise the symbols of jumping, shooting, walking etc :) Since we are talking about Playstation, I think I’d better post a pic with the controller, right?

PS4 nails art

The black background is done with a black creme from Dance Legend, and the symbols are hand painted with acrylic paints.

PS4 nails design (playstation 4)

Hope you liked the black design with the colourful geometry :)
Thank you for looking! xxx

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  1. This is just WAY too awesome!!! Great job!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      hehe do I sense a fellow gamer? ;)

  2. The design pops-up so nice on black background! :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Oh thank you :) tho let’s be honest – I shamelessly stole the design from SONY lol

  3. These are like way too cute. xD I love the posing with the controller too. ;)

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