OMD3: Day 10 – Floral nails

They say there’s no better artist than nature itself and I couldn’t agree more. For today’s OMD3 floral theme I used real flowers:

Dry flowers nail design

The base color is Swept Off My Honey, a honey nectar scented orange glitter by LYZ Cosmetics. Here is my review on this polish if you want to see it without nail art. The flowers are real, they are tiny, super thin and very cute looking. I couldn’t possibly paint flowers that look so beautiful and true to life :)

Floral nail design with dry flowers

The only downside of using dry flowers for nail art is that you need lots of top coats to make the surface smooth and even. In the pics on my nails I have 3 thick layers of a glossy top. Luckily the top was fast drying so I was just applying it one layer after another.

That was Day 10 of the OMD3 nail art challenge, see you soon!

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  1. Really really cute! :-)

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