Lyrical collection by LYZ Cosmetics II: Ballad and Poetic

Yesterday I showed you three polishes from the Lyrical collection, I hope you liked them :) and tonight I’d love to post swatches of the other two colors, Ballad and Poetic.

LYZ Cosmetics Ballad Poetic

Hmm… which one of these two we should start with? I honestly liked both of them, so let’s try alphabetical order and here comes Ballad:

LYZ Cosmetics Ballad

There’s lots of the blue shimmer in the bottle:

LYZ Cosmetics Ballad bottle

Elizabeth says:

This Royal Flash Shady Pink is showered with blue iridescent microflakies and a light seasoning of luminous rainbow shimmer. Drizzled with high quality organic Japanese juniper berry essential oil, this finger-licking polish is quickly becoming a staple to-go color with its woody, sweet, fresh and crisp aroma.

LYZ Cosmetics Ballad swatch

On my nails I have 2 coats of LYZ Cosmetics’ Ballad. The application was effortless thanks to the brush and good formula. Also the organic oil made the whole process of nail painting less disturbing because it reduced the usual nail polish smell.

LYZ Cosmetics Ballad macro

And now we have Poetic:

LYZ Cosmetics Poetic

Elizabeth describes the polish:

This rich shade of burgundy wine polish composed of the right amount of tiny bright red sparkles. A trickle of organic Japanese Rosemary Cineole essential oil is added for an invigorating, refreshing and stimulating note to your senses.

LYZ Cosmetics Poetic bottle

I must say, I was very pleased with the quality. This jelly red is absolutely gorgeous and covers in 2 easy coats. The application was effortless thanks to the great formula and comfortable brush. However, I did use a thick coat of my usual base, keeping in mind that usually reds stain no matter how good or of what brand they are.

LYZ Cosmetics Poetic swatch

A macro of the red shimmering jelly:

LYZ Cosmetics Poetic macro

Finally, let me show the colors next to each other, as well as layered over black. In the pic below L-R you can see:

  • Poetic layered over black
  • Poetic
  • Ballad
  • Ballad layered over black

LYZ Cosmetics nail polish

As you can see Poetic’s red base is almost transparent over the black background, but the polish didn’t loose its beautiful shimmer, transforming the black into a festive dark red shimmer (looks beautiful to me!). Ballad is not so transparent, it changed the black into a dark purple with lots of shimmer (I didn’t like the result of the layering). To sum it up, Poetic looks great on its own as well as when layered, while Ballad is better to be worn alone.

Ballad and Poetic are limited edition colors and currently they are available at LYZ Cosmetics web store here, each bottle is for $10.95 with free worldwide shipping. The whole Lyrical collection of 5 polishes is priced at $49.30, the offer can save you $5.45 if you decide you need all five polishes :)

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