Lyrical collection by LYZ Cosmetics I: Aria, Harmony and Melody

This weekend Elizabeth, the creator of LYZ Cosmetics realised a new limited edition collection of five scented nail polishes:

Lyrical by LYZ Cosmetics

The colors are named in accordance with the collection’s title:

Lyrical polishes LYZ Cosmetics

In this post I’ll show you pictures and swatches of three of the polishes. First comes Harmony:

LYZ Cosmetics Harmony bottle

Harmony is a blue well pigmented shimmer, the brush is of a comfortable size, not too thin or too thick.

LYZ Cosmetics Harmony brush

Here’s how Elizabeth describes Harmony:

Harmony is needed for a band to be collectively unique and yet portray their individuality. This Royal Flash Cobalt Blue Polish is heavily peppered with gold/pink microflakies and contains high quality organic Japanese clary sage essential oil, that makes this product’s formula smooth and delightful to apply with its earthy and fruity note.

I’d love to add that the scent is quite strong but not disturbing. I wore the polish for one day, and both the polish and the aroma stayed great.

LYZ Cosmetics Harmony

On my nails I have LYS’s Harmony in 2 coats with a glossy top.

LYZ Cosmetics Harmony macro

The second polish is called Aria:

LYZ Cosmetics Aria

It’s quite unusual to see such a dark rich green in a collection that was realised just before the summer. I must be under influence of stereotypes, because Aria screams Christmas to me!

LYZ Cosmetics Aria

Elizabeth says:

This polish is a dark sea green with scattered silver/gold microflakies and a modest metallic brown shift. The organic Japanese Ylang Ylang essential oil is infused to give it a freshly aromatic floral fragrance, yet delicate to your senses.

Formula wise Aria is perfect. It applies smoothly, dries fast and is decently opaque in 2 coats.

LYZ Cosmetics Aria

A macro of the beauty:

LYZ Cosmetics Aria

Also, I did a comparison of Harmony and Aria, to show you how green and blue they are next to each other.

LYZ Cosmetics Aria Harmony

Finally, here’s the third (and last) Lyrical polish for today: the pale orange is called Melody.

LYZ Cosmetics Melody bottle

The brush and the golden shimmer:

LYZ Cosmetics Melody brush

Elizabeth seduces us describing Melody:

Melody is the true goal of music. This polish is a caramel apricot shade formulated with a slight crystal pink shift and gold microflakies. Sweet tooth lovers, this product is seasoned with an awfully addictive honeyed scent – the organic Japanese sweet orange essential oil – that will leave you wanting more.

Amazing color, nice scent and I love the golden shimmer in this one. For me the only downside of the polish was its formula, because it was a bit too thick for my liking. Nothing serious, really, I just needed to be careful when applying the polish. However the pastel apricot shimmer was worth the trouble.

LYZ Cosmetics Melody

…and a usual macro:

LYZ Cosmetics Melody macro

Overall, Lyrical collection turned out to be very interesting… unexpectedly dark but beautiful for sure! I think my favourite from the trio wold be Aria. I’ll try to save at least some of this green for Christmas holidays :)

Lyrical nail polishes can be found at LYZ Cosmetic web store here, currently each shade is for $10.95 with free worldwide shipping :)

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  1. OMG. These are gorgeous polishes. Especially Aria and Melody are my favorite ones. Great swatches!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      oh they are! and I love it that they are scented, just like LYZ’s previous collection :)

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