Dance Legend Leo Skin: Daring

Daring is one of 3 glitter toppers from the Leo Skin collection by Dance Legend. The collection was released this Spring.

Dance Legend Leo Skin Daring

it’s a clear based nail polish with big black leo spots shaped glitters and tiny silver flakes. The flakes are hardly visible over light bases, so you won’t see them in the design I did with the top.

Dance Legend Leo Skin Daring

Here’s a pic of the bottom label:

Dance Legend Leo Skin Daring top

I used Daring over a white/grey base trying to “catch” some resemblance to snow leopard print, but of course you can use it with white, yellow and orange to make it look like a usual leo print.

Animal print nail art

So my thoughts about the polish would be… I don’t know :D What I didn’t like about the topper is its huge and rather thick leo glitter. The edges of the glitters stuck up on my arched nails. I used 2 generous coats of my usual clear top to even the surface, and it still wasn’t perfectly even. For me it’s easier to hand paint leo print spots with acrylic colors, and those who stamp can use a leo print plate instead – both ways guarantee an even surface with no need for additional thick coats of a clear top.

I think a topper like Daring can come in handy:

  1. If you want a quick result without stamping mess, or you don’t have leo print plates
  2. If you don’t have acrylic colors and nail art brushes, and you cannot or don’t want to paint the spots freehand
  3. When you are in a hurry and need a fancy nail look in a minute

That’s it for today, thank you for reading! To see more Dance Legend products visit their Facebook page.

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  1. Usually I don’t know how to “wear” nail polishes with large glitter particles, but I think that you created a beautiful manicure with it :-)

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