Dance Legend Firefly: There She Goes & So Much Better

One more pair of Dance Legends, only this time they are glow-in-the-dark polishes. The Barbie pink below is There She Goes, and the green neon next to it is So Much Better:

Dance Legend Firefly

These two colors look amazing in the bottles, don’t they? Well, in real life they turned out to be quite sheer, to reach decent opacity I needed 3 thick coats. In the pic below I have 3 coats of So Much Better over naked nails and with a clear top.

Dance Legend So much better

Even three coats didn’t help me to get rid of the visible nail line, so I painted tips black with a black creme (also from Dance Legend). Knowing that the tips wouldn’t look that great over the neon green, I added white dots and I also hand painted a b&w panda accent.

Panda nail design on green

So Much Better  is a neon green with lots of light green / golden shimmer, that makes the polish shine in the sun. Since the polish itself is sheer, I think I’ll be wearing over cremes to give them some green and of course that glow in the dark effect. In the pic below So Much Better is layered over a white creme (L) and over a light grey (R). The white made the polish brighter and more vivid, while the grey  gave it some transparency, I loved the effect :)

Dance Legend Firefly So much better

Since we are talking about glow in the dark polishes, let me show you how bright they are in the dark. I took a pic of So Much Better right after I turned off the light – just look how bright it is! There She Goes has the same bright glow but of a white/pink color.

Dance Legend Firefly

… and here’s There She Goes after about 15 mins in the dark room – maybe more, I cannot say for sure, I was carried away with a video game. Actually at that time the polish was even a bit brighter, but my camera saw it differently.

Dance Legend Firefly

There She Goes is a cold pink that makes my skin look tanned. It has a bluish pink shimmer and it shines nicely if topped with a glossy top.

Dance Legend Firefly 5 There She Goes

In the pics I have 2 thin coats of There She Goes over a warm pink Dance Legend Lilia. Yes, I learnt the lesson and applied the sheer polish over an opaque creme. Lilia warmed the color a little, and most importantly, it hid the VNL.

Dance Legend Firefly There She Goes

Here’s a comparison of different ways to wear Dance Legend There She Goes (L-R):

  1. One coat of There She Goes over a light grey creme
  2. Two thin coats over a white creme (and this is the real color of the polish)
  3. One thin coat over Dance Legend Lilia. Please note that on my nails I have two coats of There She Goes and therefore the final pink shade is colder.

Dance Legend Firefly There She Goes

Each of the Firefly colors costs around $8 online. More swatches of Dance Legend nail polishes can be found on Facebook, here is their official group.

Thank you for looking! See you soon ;)

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