Dance Legend Binary: Ksenia & Lilia

Today I have 2 nail designs to show you, both of them featuring Dance Legend colors from the Binary line of creme nail polishes.

Pink nail design with white acid wash

The cold pastel pink in the pics above and below is Lilia, it goes under the number 25 in the Binary collection, and the grey one is Ksenia, it’s #24. Ksenia is a classic light grey nail polish, I remember that 2-3 years ago I was crazy about grey colors like this one, and I still am a fan of greys.
I’m sure you’ll see Ksenia and Lilia on the blog again, and most likely not once, because light pink and grey are great background colors for any kind of nail design.

Dance Legend Binary Ksenia & Lilia

Both polishes have a nice creme formula that needs 3 thin coats and dries fast. Ksenia can be applied in two coats if you make them a bit thicker.

Dance Legend Binary: Ksenia

I added floral water decals to spice up the classic grey nail look, and for the pink acid wash nail design I used a white nail polish over Lilia, and then I added tattoo water decals.

Acid wash white pink nail design

Thank you for looking! See you soon :)

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  1. waralenda says: Reply

    Love the grey design! :) Really pretty

  2. I love both colours, and the grey manicure is my favourite :-)

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