SOUFEEL Austrian crystal bracelets

Last week I showed you a SOUFEEL silver charm bracelet, and I also mentioned I got two more bracelets from the Hong Kong company to show you. Today I’m glad to tell you that I finally took all the pics I needed so I can continue with reviewing the jewellery.

Crystal bracelets SOUFEEL

Jesse, a SOUFEEL PR manager, told me the bracelet was made of alloy and decorated with an Austrian crystal. The crystals are well known around the world for fine worksmanship and less expensive prices than precious stones.

The crystal in my bracelet is of deep vibrant red color, they say such crystals embody strong feelings and durable energy. I hope it’s true because I could really use some extra energy :)

Crystal bracelet red SOUFEEL

The bracelet has a regular lobster clasp, which is very common for all kinds of bracelets and chains.

Crystal bracelet red SOUFEEL

I paired the red crystal bracelet with jeans, black and white print shirt and red shoes for a casual look, but you can easily wear it with a dress for a more fancy outfit.

Crystal Bracelets outfit

The second bracelet also features an Austrian heart shaped crystal, only this time it’s of a dark grey color.

Crystal heart bracelet SOUFEEL

I love how simple yet gorgeous the crystal heart is. The elegant sparkling is subdued, and if it wasn’t for the chain (it’s made of alloy), the bracelet would have been almost invisible over a black background.

Crystal heart bracelet SOUFEEL

It has the same lobster clasp that I’m sure you all are familiar with.

Crystal heart bracelet SOUFEEL

The crystal seems to be flawless and precisely cut, look how transparent it is :)

Crystal black heart bracelet SOUFEEL

And finally here’s an outfit idea for the SOUFEEL bracelet – I’m trying to keep it all casual and simple again with an oversized black sweater and skinny jeans.

Crystal bracelet SOUFEEL

The SOUFEEL bracelets are perfect for every day wear as well as for special occasions and nights out. I like both of them (or maybe the grey heart crystal a tiny bit more) and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of them. The quality is very good, I haven’t found any faults so far :)

Both bracelets are on sale now for $19.95 at the official SOUFEEL web store here and here. Jesse gave me a code Mari5 (it’ll expire on June, 5), so feel free to use it for a 5% discount if you like any piece of the jewellery there. Now I’m curious, which one of these two bracelets did you like more? :)

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Really like the first one (as well as the black/white shirt), sort of reminds me of “old times” such as in the serie of Merlin. :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      yes, I agree with you, the 1st one with the red crystal heart looks classy! i’m happy to hear you liked the bracelet and the shirt :)

  2. cute jewelry :D I think bracelet would look great with a blue stone too :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      yes, I think so too :) blue crystals would also be a match :)

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