Dance Legend Eden: Creation of Man and Forbidden Fruit

Recently Dance Legend released a new spring collection of sheer shimmers that are best to be used as top coaters. I got 2 of them for review, a silver white Creation of Man and a pink with some orange notes Forbitten Fruit.

Dance Legend Eden

The polishes come in mini bottles (6.5ml) which is ok because you’ll need just 1 coat over a coloured base to get a nice shimmering finish. I think the bottles will last long :) Here’s Creation of Man, a macro of the bottle:

Dance Legend Eden: Creation of Man

Dance Legend Eden: Creation of Man

Number 1 of the collection is Creation of Man. Here I applied it over a plain white base, and then I added some holo stars to make the look more interesting. Unfortunately the pics don’t really show the shimmering effect, but believe me it’s there. The shimmer can add festive notes to any color.

Dance Legend Eden: Creation of Man macro

I did some color wheel swatching to show you the decorative top coaters over different bases. In the pic below from left to right we have:

  • Creation of Man over a black creme (look how it transformed the black!)
  • Forbidden Fruit over a lilac creme
  • Forbidden Fruit over a matte nude Lumene
  • Forbidden Fruit over a dusty brown creme

Dance Legend Eden tops

I liked all the combos shown above, and for nail swatching Forbidden Fruit I chose to apply the shimmer over a teal creme A-England Galahad. I really like it how lovely the sparkling pink top changed the teal! It’s not a straight-to-your-eyes shimmer finish, it’s more like a soft sparkling that’s visible now and then under a good lighting. Very beautiful!

Dance Legend Forbidden Fruit in the bottle, where it looks much more eye catchy:

Dance Legend Forbidden Fruit

…and here it is on the nails:

Dance Legend Eden Forbidden Fruit

When I got the shimmers I was all about Creation of Man, because I love white and silver, and all kinds of their combinations. Forbidden Fruit seemed to be quite boring. After trying the polishes I changed my mind. The Creation is a cute top coater for sure, but I liked Forbidden Fruit much more, especially over teal and nude.

Dance Legend Eden shimmers

The polishes were sent to me for review by Dance Legend. The company has a Facebook page, be sure to check their group out, they regularly upload great swatches and designs there :)
Thank you for looking! xxx

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  1. This top coats can make from any plane color a wonderful mani.

  2. waralenda says: Reply

    Love the teal with coral shimmer! Very unusual combination, super interesting effect :)

  3. Very nice toppers!

  4. They are a beautiful extra on many polishes! :-)

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