Dance Legend AQUAgenetic base coat

I’m so glad I could finally get my hands on this aqua base by Dance Legend. I read many positive reviews about it, and I would have definitely bought it myself but sadly I never saw the base available in the local beauty stores. Luckily Dance Legend sent me AQUAgenetic as a bonus to other polishes for review, and today I’d love to share my thoughts on the product with you :)

Dance Legend AQUAgenetic base

The base comes in a regular Dance Legend 15ml bottle, the brush is also of the standard DL size and shape.

Dance Legend Auqagenetic

Just like the title suggests, AQUAgenetic is water based (do not worry, you won’t wash it away with water or soap), and it does not contain nitrocellulose. Chemistry is not my thing, so let me just post a pic of the contents in case you want to know the ingredients :)

Dance Legend AQUAgenetic contents

Dance Legend AQUAgenetic base is a protective base coat for weakened nails. It’s said that it can also help your nails to recover after acrylics.

Dance Legend AQUAgenetic

My nails are more or less ok, so I cannot comment on whether AQUAgenetic is of any help to weakened nails. Anyways, I like the fact that the base protects my nails, because any type of nails needs protection, especially from dark/bright nail polishes. I already used AQUAgenetic with a richly pigmented dark blue creme, and with a holo: both times it worked great. I didn’t got any staining, and the holo applied perfectly.

Another nice thing about AQUAgenetic is that it has a less disturbing smell unlike regular bases/polishes, I think it’s because it has no nitrocellulose.

Thank you for looking!

By the way, do you follow Dance Legend on Instagram? I do :) They often post amazing nail designs, swatches and tutorials, as well as info on their new and soon-to-be-released collections.

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  1. I didn’t known about this product but it definitely sound good! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      It’s a nice nail care product though it’s not easy to find the base here offline..

  2. It seems to be a good product :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      it is even tho it smells strange :)

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