Water drops nail decals

I may sound like a broken record but I love water decals. They can be of different quality but still they all are about what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

Water drops nail decals

Last week I got a few nail decals from Born Pretty Store (I’m sure you’ve heard about the Chinese nail art supplier) for review. The first pattern from the bunch is a vibrant blue water drops:

Water drops nail decals

The pattern can be found here and its code is K5640:

Water drops nail wraps

There’re 14 nail decals on the sheet. These are full nail water decals, all of equal length of 25mm but of different width. The widest pair is 15mm and the smallest is 7.5mm. Best thing about the decals is that they are stretchy, which means you can use them on arched nails (like mine) and the pattern won’t be ruined :)

They are not transparent, which means you can apply them on naked nails. However, to make the colors look more vibrant I painted my nails white and then I applied the decals and top coated the design to prevent it from peeling off accidentally.

Blue water drops nail art design

I hope you liked the water drops nail decals :) I think the pattern is very lovely, it reminds me of vacations by the sea :)
Thank you for looking! xxx

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  1. These look super cool!

  2. Very pretty, I love the colours! :-)

  3. Love the pattern <3

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