Space themed nail wraps

There’re so many different nail decals and nail wraps at Born Pretty Store website – they seem to have every possible design for every possible occasion. Today I have a Galaxy themed nail wraps to show you:

Galaxy nail wraps design

This is how the wraps were packed:

Space themed nail stickers

The set of Galaxy nail wraps can be found here, the pattern number is MZ01953, currently 1 sheet is priced at $2 and the shipping is free and worldwide.

As you can see, there are 12 glittery nail wraps on the sheet. All 12 nail wraps are 24mm long, and of different width so you can chose the ones that fit your nails better. The widest is 15mm, and the smallest is 9mm. However, they are stretchy and are easily adjustable to almost any nail shape, even to arched nails like mine :)

Galaxy nail stickers in blue

I wore the wraps for the whole day, and they didn’t peel off (probably because I top coated them). I cannot say anything exact about their staying power, but obviously wraps like these are rarely worn for more then a couple of days. Also, I wouldn’t say it’s a design that suits any occasion, although the galaxy wraps can make the whole look more festive or weekend appropriate when it’s needed :) I still have 2 wraps left and i think I’ll use them later as accents to spice up a one tone manicure for a fun and eye-catchy look.

Galaxy nail stickers glitter

Thank you for looking! See you soon ;)

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  1. these look great :D

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