LYZ Cosmetics The Royal Tea Room II: bright glitters

Like I promised, today I’m showing you the second part of The Royal Tea Room collection of scented glitters that I got from LYZ Cosmetics for review.

LYZ Cosmetics nail polishes

First comes an orange glitter Swept Off My Honey. Elizabeth, the person behind LYZ Cosmetics, describes the polish as an “apricot shade that smells absolutely divine of organic orange honey nectar”.

LYZ Cosmetics Swept Off My Honey

Here’s the brush:

LYZ Cosmetics Swept Off My Honey brush

On my nails I have 2 medium coats of Swept Off My Honey, with a glossy top coat on.

LYZ Cosmetics Swept Off My Honey swatch

A macro of the polish to show you the glitters:

LYZ Cosmetics Swept Off My Honey macro

Next is a vibrant green glitter called Lady Lime. It’s described as a “bold lime green jelly nail polish synchronized with pink and purple glitter bits, and a soothing essence of key lime scent”.

LYZ Cosmetics Lady Lime bottle

A close up of the brush with a few glitter bits:

LYZ Cosmetics Lady Lime brush

The pic below shows 2 medium coats of Lady Lime over a glitter base, with a clear top coat.

LYZ Cosmetics Lady Lime swatch

And finally, the last but not least, a bright pink Rose Jelly. It’s a crelly with a delicious tea rose scent.

LYZ Cosmetics Rose Jelly bottle

Once again, the brush (love the white bar glitters and tiny black glitters in the pink base!):

LYZ Cosmetics Rose Jelly brush

Just like the first 2 glitters, I applied Rose Jelly in 2 coats and covered it with a coat of a glossy top.

LYZ Cosmetics Rose Jelly swatch

I enjoyed all 3 of the polishes, and after wearing each of them solo, I combined Lady Lime and Rose Jelly to get a vibrant spring-to-summer transition look.

LYZ Cosmetics glitters

Each of the glitters is available at Fairy Bread, the official LYZ Cosmetics online store. The price is $10.95 per bottle with free worldwide shipping.
All 3 glitters were designed and made in Australia. LYZ Cosmetics nail polishes are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (the so called “big 3”).

Thank you for reading!

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  1. They are really pretty and perfect for spring and summer!
    Rose Jelly took my heart!

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