Leather bracelet and silver charms by SOUFEEL

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by SOUFEEL, a Hong Kong based company that sells Pandora-compatible silver charms and bracelets. They kindly offered to send me a few products for review.

Silver charms by SOUFEEL

Before accepting the offer, I visited SOUFEEL website and I must say I was kinda sceptical at first. All their jewellery items were either on sale or had suspiciously low prices, and at the same time they were claiming that it was all made of 925 silver. However, since they told me I’d get the products for free, I thought why not to try a few items.

I was curious to see how good SOUFEEL bracelets and charms are and if they are any different from the original Pandora. So I said that I’d be glad to review their products. I chose 1 black leather bracelet that was supposed to be worn with charms, and 2 Austrian crystal bracelets. Together with 3 bracelets of my choice they also sent me 2 additional silver charms. To make the post shorter and less tiresome, I’ll review the crystal bracelets next time, and today I’ll share with you my thoughts and pics of the leather bracelet and charms.

The jewellery came packed in a cute white box with a light blue bow on top, and there also was a 8x8cm soft black fabric cloth with which I’m supposed to clean the charms when needed.

Leather bracelet and silver charms SOUFEEL

To be completely honest with you, I’m not a “Pandora” girl, partially because I’m not that romantical and also because I prefer to keep my dearest memories deep inside. However, I have friends who wear Pandora bracelets and love the idea of collecting charms. I asked one of the girls to give me her genuine Pandora bracelet for a day, so I could take pics and compare it to my newly arrived SOUFEEL bracelet.

Leather bracelet with silver Pandora

In the pics above and below you can see both of them (Pandora’s single leather bracelet is beige):

Pandora SOUFEEL bracelets comparison

I guess the most interesting part of the comparison is Pandora and SOUFEEL silver locks, because leather is just leather after all and its color is just a matter of taste. It turned out that both locks work the exact same way. It’s a simple open&close mechanism, unlike many other annoying jewellery clasps/locks:

Pandora and SOUFEEL silver locks

As for the prices, the beige single leather bracelet costed my friend around $40, and a double black leather Pandora is currently priced at $45 on their official website. My double leather SOUFEEL bracelet (you can find it here) is for $23.95 which makes it to be almost twice cheaper than the genuine one.

Double leather SOUFEEL bracelet

The SOUFEEL lock works just fine, and it’s made of 92.5% silver. As for the measurements, the double bracelet’s full width is 39cm and its weight is around 6.0

SOUFEEL double leather bracelet

And now onto the charms. Like I said I was sent 2 bonus charms, both with the sterling silver marking. The first one is a Chinese “Fu” pocket charm, and the other one is an ice skating shoe dangle charm. SOUFEEL website claims that the silver Fu charm weights 2.48 and is priced at $29.95 The tiny silver shoe is 1.37 and it costs $17.95 Luckily I have jewellery scales (I need them for work sometimes), so I checked the weight of the charms. The numbers matched :)

SOUFEEL silver charms

The charms look neat and detailed, the only thing that is different from Pandora is that they are not threaded on the inside. Inside threading is a well known distinctive feature of all Pandora charms – you add the charms by twisting them onto the bracelet. Anyways, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear SOUFEEL charms with the genuine Pandora bracelet. Do not worry, they fit just fine. Plus, SOUFEEL bracelets have the threading and you can easily add your Pandora charms onto them.

SOUFEEL double leather bracelet

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of the items. They are definitely made of silver, and I love how they look like, especially that cute Fu charm :) I don’t say it’s the same as Pandora, and it’s understandable if you prefer the genuine brand. Still, there’re cases when a good alternative can count too, for example if you want to try the whole memory-charm-bracelet idea, but you don’t want to invest much in it, or when you want to buy a nice inexpensive gift for a relative or friend. SOUFEEL honestly puts their own name on the jewellery, and their prices are highly competitive.

The silver charms and double leather bracelet that I’ve shown you, as well as many other jewellery items, can be found at the SOUFEEL online store. The company offers a free starter bracelet on orders over $99, free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee. Currently they have Mother’s Day sales going, so feel free to go and see what they have to offer. They gave me a coupon code Mari5 – it’ll give you 5% off for any order.

Thank you for reading, I hope I didn’t tire you out! Some time soon I’ll show you the other two bracelets I got from the shop, hopefully with some nail art ;)

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  1. Nice charms, looks great on you! I know this brand, but I don’t own any bracelet!

  2. Very cute! :-)

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