Starrily The Frizz Glow In the Dark

The Frizz is my very first glow in the dark nail polish. The thing is, when I received it for review with other Starrily colors, I had no idea about its ability to glow. I only found it out when I painted my nails and turned off the light to watch a movie while waiting for the polish to dry. I saw my nails glowing brightly… and then I read the name of the polish! So when it comes to nail polishes Mawi, the owner of Starrily, she is not short of awesome surprises :)

Starrily The Frizz Glow In the Dark

Here’s the usual bottle shot:

Starrily The Frizz bottle

The Frizz is generously packed with glitter of various sizes, shapes and colors. It’s easy to cover the whole nail with just a couple of light strokes.

Starrily The Frizz brush

A close up of the manicure. I used a plain white polish as a base for this one, and I got a light pastel spring-y look as a result.

Starrily The Frizz macro

The glow in the dark effect:

Glow in the dark nail polish

And here I used a bright coral red to layer the Frizz as a topper. The red made The Frizz pop up, and this time I got a cheerful summer manicure :)

Starrily The Frizz over red swatch

I like Starrily’s The Frizz for an easy way to dress up a plain manicure. So far I’ve tried the polish over white and coral red, but I’m sure there are some other wonderful layering options for this glitter.
The Frizz was sent to me for review by Starrily :)
Thank you for looking! ♥

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  1. Very cute!

  2. Julie says: Reply

    I love this! Do you know if it was named after Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus? Because that’s exactly what this reminds me of!

  3. Love the different sized and shaped glitters. I like it on the pastel base better!

  4. That looks so cool! Even if it weren’t a glow in the dark topper, it would still be pretty :)

  5. Beautiful! I love it on white base! :-)

  6. I want a glow in the dark polish that is so strong :D and the glitter itself is awesome :D

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