Dance Legend Express Remove Peel Off Base

I’ve been swatching and wearing a lot of glitters lately, so I bought this peel off base to make glitter removal process easier. I don’t think I need to explain what such bases are and what they do :) In my case the Dance Legend base really helps with glitters, and actually not only with them, but also with shimmers, cremes, and textured polishes.

Dance Legend Peel Off Base

I apply it just like any regular glitter base, wait a little, and then paint my nails with any polish I want :) The base is clear and when its dry it gives my nails a semi matte finish. Removal process is super easy: I just take an orangewood stick and lift the base starting at the cuticles and edges of my nails. It’s peels off even easier if I hold my hands in warm water for a couple of minutes. As for staying power, it’s not that long which is expectable due to the easy removal feature, but my manicures look fine for at least a day.

Now let me show you what it looks like when I’m removing the polish&base. First we have Dance Legend Mirage over the peel off base:

Dance Legend Peel Off glitter Base

… and here we have Dance Legend Hen-Party, a jelly based glitter:

Dance Legend Peel Off glitter Base

As you can see the process is the same. Creme nail polishes are peeled off just as easy as glitters.
I bought the base offline, and I don’t remember the price, but currently it costs around $9 online (for a standard DL 15ml bottle).
Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. Nice and very useful product! :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      It is indeed! :)

  2. Very useful product and it works extremely well. I had one from essence and now I use one from Rimmel, but I can not peel them off so easily!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      I heard that how easy a glitter base is removed also depends on a person’s nail chemistry. I haven’t tried Essence or Rimmel so I cannot compare the effectiveness, but this very base I like enough to repurchase it again :)

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