Dance Legend tints: Botticelli & Chagall

Officially the polishes are called Aquarelle top coats, but let me call them tints since it is what they are :) Probably you own/heard/tried OPI tints, and the polishes I want to show you today are their analogues… and of a very good quality!

Dance Legend tints nail polishes

I was suggested two Aquarelles of my choice for review, and I chose blue and purple called Botticelli & Chagall:

Dance Legend Botticelli & Chagall

The Aquarelle top coaters are “packed” in mini bottles (8ml), and the brushes are quite thin. I never thought that I’d say it but I like it that the brushes are thin, it makes the application process much easier, because the tints are not regular polishes. They are sheer and watery: the idea is to use them to color stamping/water decals, or to create different colourful backgrounds in mere seconds.

Dance Legend Botticelli & Chagall

Here’s a simple nail art I did using the pair of tints I was sent to try. I painted my nails white, and then I randomly applied the tints over the base. I got a pretty aquarelle nail look that could be worn just like it was, but you know me, I often add something extra :) so I took black acrylic paint and a nail art brush and I painted flowers over the colourful background.

Floral blue and purple nail design

… and here’s one more nail design I did using Botticelli:

Blue ice glitter nail design

I applied the blue tint over a white base, and then I added a shredded glitter top. The manicure was super easy to do and as a result I got a nice frozen ice nail design that is perfect for winter :)

Overall, I enjoyed playing with the tints a lot! Now I’m thinking of buying some more colors from the Dance Legend Aquarelle collection. I guess the main rule with such artistic top coaters is the more the merrier :) The more tints you incorporate in a nail art the brighter and more colourful designs (or backgrounds) you’ll get. Also, overlaying tints can give you unexpected results, and you manicures will always be unique.

If you are interested, you can find the Aquarelle nail polishes here, currently each bottle costs &8.00, and you can also try the official Dance Legend stockists around the world. I know they sell DL online at Llarowe (US), Rainbow Connection (UK), Brazil and Finland. Please, see more info on the DL website.

Thank you for looking! ♥

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  1. Those babies are on my wish list. They give so many opportunities!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      very true! tints can be used in nail art in so many ways! :)

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