Vintage nail art wraps

I received these floral/vintage nail wraps for review several months ago, but with so many things going on, including moving to a new place, I only got to try them now.

Vintage full nail art wraps

Here’s a closer look of the wraps in the package:

Vintage full nail art stickers

The nail wraps come in a selection of sizes (to be more exact in 7 sizes) so you can easily custom fit them to your nails. They all are 28mm in length, and the widest two wraps are 17mm in width. The narrowest width is 10mm, and the pair fit my pinky nails perfectly. I just wish my nails were a bit longer so I could get more of the images on my nails, but I’m pleased with how the manicure turned out anyways :)

The nail wraps are applied on naked nails, and I didn’t use any top coater.

Romantic vintage full nail art stickers

As for the quality, it’s good, and I got a bonded application. The wraps are stretchy which is crucial for me because my nails are very curved. I wore the manicure for 1 day, and in the evening I removed the wraps by lifting them at the edges with a wooden manicure stick and then simply peeling them off the nails.

If you are interested you can find the nail art wraps here, currently the price is $1.59 for the set of 14 full nail size wraps.

Thank you for reading! ♥

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  1. Елена@polishmadness says: Reply

    Удивительная нежность! Очень красиво!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Благодарю! :)

  2. wow the design really is pretty on these. i would totally wear these

  3. Very girly patterns, I like them a lot.

  4. They are beautiful, they look very delicate! :-)

  5. lovely :)

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