Starrily Ultima

After a short break I’m back with Starrily swatches, as my obsession with the brand continues! Today I’m showing you a holo glitter Ultima:

Starrily Ultima

Here’s the polish peeking from its cute box:

Starrily Ultima

This silver holo can be used alone or as a topcoat. It’s not a micro glitter, but it lays flat and gives excellent coverage. In the pics I have 3 thin coats of Ultima, top coated with a glossy top. The polish is shiny by itself but the top makes the holo appear in all its glory.

Starrily Ultima macro

Best thing about Ultima is that its a well pigmented clear based glitter, which means you can turn any other polish into an amazing glitter holo without changing its base color, and you’ll always get a strong mesmerising effect.

Silver holo nails glitter

As always you can pick up Starrily polishes at their official web store here. If the ones you want aren’t there, they should be shortly, because at Starrily they regularly update the catalogue. Currently Ultima is in stock and the price is $13.00 per a full size bottle that contains approx. 0.5oz/15ml nail polish.

Thank you for looking and see you soon! I have several more Starrilly glitters to show you :)

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  1. Naya says: Reply

    Just WOW! ^^

    1. Mari says: Reply

      wow indeed :)) thank you Naya, I’m glad you like the holo glitter!

  2. Gosh, it has a lot of sparkle and so strong holo effect!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yes, the holo effect is super strong with the Starrily, and I think it’s rather large glitter particles that make the polish stand out among other holos..

  3. Irena says: Reply

    Wow….simple and beautiful. I love it! :)

  4. oh my gorgeous :)

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