Dance Legend by Anna Gorelova: Gamayun & Babaj

Today I have 2 colors to show you, and both of them come from a winter collection recently released by Dance Legend in a collobaration with Anna Gorelova, a Ukrainian beauty blogger.

Anna Gorelova Gamayun

Perhaps you’ve already heard of Anna, she’s been a Dance Legend nail model for quite a while. The collection I’m talking about consists of 11 polishes with different finishes and effects, and all 11 colors are named after characters of Russian folklore. I was lucky to get 2 of the colors for review. The first one of is called Gamayun.

Anna Gorelova: Gamayun

It’s a nude holographic nail polish with a sand texture. It’s a bit sad tho that the holo is not very well seen on nails, probably because of the sand texture that hides it. The formula was easy to use and was opaque in 2 coats.

Dance Legend Гамаюн

The polishes come with a one-size-fits-all ring of matching color:

Anna Gorelova: Gamayun ring

The holography of the ring is amazing, and you won’t have to think what jewellery to wear with the polish :)

Анна Горелова Гамаюн

The second color I got is Babaj, and it’s a dark (almost black) shimmer-flakie. Its original finish is matted, and we have the Gamayun story: the flakes and shimmers are well hidden by the finish.

Dance Legend Babaj

Here’s a ring the polish comes with:

Anna Gorelova Babaj ring

For the swatch above I used 2 thick coats of Babaj with no top. Then I added a glossy topcoat and that’s what I got as a result:

Анна Горелова Бабай

The top made all the beautiful flakes and tiny glitters come to life, and Babaj instantly became so festive and shining!

Dance Legend Babaj macro

I must admit when I first saw the polishes I wasn’t very impressed, as they seemed to be a bit boring at first glance. However, after wearing each of them for a day, I changed my mind. The nude would be a perfect choice when you want to take a break from brights, plus it’s an office friendly color. Babaj can add some dark mystery to your look without making it too festive.

Gamayun and Babaj by Anna Gorelova can be found on the official Dance legend web store here, and there are other online stores that sell Dance Legend worldwide like LLarowe (USA) and Rainbow Connection (UK).

Thank you for looking, I hope you liked the polishes. I’ll be back soon with mors Dance Legend swatches ;)

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  1. I think I prefer Gamayun :D

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