Dance Legend Binary #15 Alisa

The DL Binary Lacquer collection consists of 19 nail polishes with Russian female names. I was sent 2 colors from the collection for review, and the polish I’m showing you today is called Alisa, I think the closest would be Alice in English.

Dance Legend Binary Alisa

Here’s the color in the bottle:

Dance Legend Binary #15 Alisa

Alisa is a taupe creme with just a whisper of silver shimmer, enough to keep it interesting in the artificial lighting, but subdued to wear the polish at work. You’ll hardly see the shimmer in daylight from a standard hand-to-face distance, or in the bottle :)

Dance Legend Alisa

The polish was opaque in 2 coats, and the formula was absolutely flawless: not too thick or too watery, flowed fluidly across the nail, no dragging, or pooling to the edges. I didn’t use any base or top coater for the swatches.

It must be mentioned that the Binary polishes are supposed to be worn with a special Binary top coater that will keep your manicure perfect for 3 days. I haven’t got the top, but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying the color. Today is the 2nd day I’m wearing Alisa and so far so good. The polish survived cooking, showers and some house cleaning without any chipping :)

Dance Legend Binary #15 Алиса

Overall, I liked the taupe. Alisa reminds me of the famous Jacque by OPI with the difference that Jacque is darker. I think they could make a great couple :D

Dance Legend Binary nail polishes can be found on their official web store here. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I love taupe, beautiful shade! :-)

  2. I like this type of shade I have something very similar :)

  3. Beautiful shade :)

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