Dance Legend Binary #17 Vera

Vera is the 2nd nail polish from the Dance Legend Binary collection of cremes that I got for review. This dusty pink with some purple notes is very wearable and belongs to the category of polishes that many girls have in the drawer: you reach for those colors when you want your nails to be painted but you don’t want to emphasize on them.

Dance Legend Binary #17 Вера

The text on the bottle promises 3 days wear without peeling and chipping if you use a special Binary top coater. I don’t have the top, but I wore Vera for 2 days with my regular top and didn’t have any issues.

Dance Legend Binary #17 Vera

The pics show 2 coats of Dance Legend Vera, and for the tips and half moons I used the other Binary color that I have, Alisa. I’ve already reviewed Alisa here, so check it out if you are interested to see the taupe solo.

Dance Legend Binary #17 Vera

If you like Dance Legend polishes you might want to visit/like their Facebook page, they update it regularly introducing new collections and colors :)

Thank you for looking! See youuu xxx

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  1. Both colours together gave the very sophisticated look – do you mind if I copy the idea one day on my nails?

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Maja! ofc I don’t mind, I’m sure you’ll create a beautiful look :)

  2. Oh I adore shades like Vera :D

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