Black peel off glitter base by Dance Legend

I was sent this peel off base as a bonus with glitter nail polishes. I wasn’t going to write a special post about it, but after wearing the base with 2 glitters and removing it afterwards, I decided that the base surely deserves a post of its own. I’m really excited about the product!

Black glitter peel off base Dance Legend

Dance Legend Black glitter base works the same way as any peel off base but for 1 difference: it has black pigments and colors you nails black. This means you don’t need to apply an additional coat of a coloured nail polish before applying a glitter (especially if its a clear based glitter).

Black glitter peel off base

Here’s a macro of the removal process (please don’t be scared!):

 Glitter peel off base

As you can see, upon removal the black base lifts off easily and leaves no marks or residue. My nails didn’t get stained, so I think it can also be used as protection from staining when wearing dark/almost black polishes.

In the pics you can see one coat of Dance Legend Black peel off base applied over naked nails, and I didn’t use any top (the finish was glossy enough). I liked my glossy black nails so much that I decided to wear the base on its own for a day :)

Dance Legend черная база для глиттеров

I don’t think I need to explain advantages of a peel off base, because there are many reviews on such bases on other blogs. I will only say that it’s the first time I see a coloured glitter base. Black is a classic color to layer glitters and flakies on, and I will be using the base for sure.

If you are interested, you can find the Black Glitter base on the official Dance Legend website here. They also have resellers around the world.

Thank you for looking! See you soon, I have a pair of Dance Legend glitters to show you :)

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  1. DL had a great idea! It looks great on its own,, indeed, and I think I desperately need it :D

  2. WOW, I think this goes on my DL wish list, “unfortunately” a bunch is heading my way, so it will have to be later :)
    Thanks for showing this one!

  3. Looks great! Can’t wait to try mine!

  4. First of all I want to wish you a great new year with a lot of happiness, health and all that you want!
    This peel off base coat is a real innovation, I didn’t heard from any other brands to have something similar! Thanks for the share and review!

  5. this sounds very useful I’ve only tried clear ones so far

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