Starrily The Headless Horseman

Today I’d love to show you a beautiful teal glitter from Starrily. Please, meet The Headless Horseman :)

Starrily The Headless Horseman

As usual, the glitter in the 15ml bottle:

Starrily The Headless Horseman bottle shot

The Headless Horseman is a teal blue nail polish with matte and holographic yellow, orange and lilac glitter in different sizes, and the base has a shimmering duo chrome effect: it looks teal, but at an angle you can clearly see its blue-to-green-to-violet shimmer.

Starrily The Headless Horseman

I also took a macro photo of the polish to show you the holography of its huge round glitter:

Starrily The Headless Horseman macro

The pictures show Starrily The Headless Horseman (1 coat) over Lumene Under the Conifer which is a simple bright teal creme. I also added a top coat to make the nail surface less gritty to touch (because of the large glitters).

When it comes to glitters I prefer to apply them in one coat over a base color, because I love a moderate amount of glitter particles: when you see the sparkle but the glitters don’t cover each other. Also, since the base of the polish is well pigmented, and if you are not afraid of glitter on your nails, you can wear The Headless Horseman by its own.

Starrily The Headless Horseman

Lots of amazing Starrily glitters can be found on their official website here. The price range for nail polishes is $10-12 per a bottle. The assortment is constantly changing, but you can subscribe to their newsletter to follow the updates :)

Thank you for looking! See you soon <3

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  1. Poor horseman XD lovely glitter :D

    1. Mari says: Reply

      hehe :) yes, poor he ^^ but at least he has a nail polish named after him :D

  2. Jennifer Caparro says: Reply

    Hi. Desperately seeking this.. do you still have it & would you be willing try o part with it??

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yes, I still have the polish, but I’m afraid I cannot sell it because I was sent this for review.. If you like the Horseman, do try Starrily’s webstore, they often restock their popular colors and they make custom polishes upon request. Also, perhaps you can write to the owner of Starrily, she’s a wonderful person and I think she’ll find a way to help you :)

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