Starrily Love Affair

I’m back with more swatches of magical Starrily nail polishes! Today it’s a gorgeous multichrome Love Affair:

Starrily Love Affair

The name suits the polish so perfectly, it’s very easy to fall in love with the color changing beauty. It goes from deep pink and rusty red to dark gold and green copper right in front of your eyes :) It’s hard to catch all colors of the shift in a photo, here I have Love Affiar at an angle, and the polish looks copper-to-green.

Starrily Love Affair

I needed 3 coats to obtain full opacity for the swatches, but it’s possible to use 2 coats, and Love Affair can also be used as a topper over a dark base (e.g. purple, green or classic black).

Starrily Love Affair macro

Above I have a macro of Love Affair (3 coats with no base/top). The polish was listed under the Multichrome Toppers category at Starrily’s official web store, and the price was $15.50 per a full size 15ml bottle.

Pink multichrome nail polish

Thank you for looking! and Happy Holidays to all of you! ♥

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  1. Happy holidays :) polish is really nice :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you! :)

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