F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2014: Royal Chapel (glitter and holo)

F.U.N Lacquer collection for the upcoming Christmas consists of 8 super festive polishes: 2 glitters, 2 multi chromes, and each of the polishes has its own holographic version. Usually I review collections in the “one polish – one post” way, but this time I thought it will be more logical to write 4 posts about 4 pairs :) So, please welcome the 1st pair! These are Royal Chapel (glitter) and Royal Chapel (holo) in the bottles:

F.U.N Lacquer Royal Chapel bottles

Both polishes belong to a beige pink group of nudes. At a distance they may seem to the same, but if you look at them closer you’ll see the deference :) The holographic Royal Chapel is a tender version of the festive Chapel glitter, and here’s the glitter:

F.U.N Lacquer 2014 Royal Chapel

In the pair of pics above and below I have 3 thin coats of F.U.N Lacquer Royal Chapel (glitter) on naked nails. I was surprised how opaque the glitter is, it’s possible to wear the polish even in 2 coats if you don’t mind a bit visible nail line.

F.U.N Lacquer Chapel 2014

Now let me show you two close ups of Royal Chapel that are supposed to show you the difference. First we have the glitter:

F.U.N Lacquer Royal Chapel glitter

… and now we have Royal Chapel holo (flash):

F.U.N Lacquer Royal Chapel holo

The holographic Royal Chapel, also 3 thin coats, no base color:

F.U.N Lacquer Royal Chapel holo

All the pics here are done in natural daylight (cloudy sky), which means this is how the holo and glitter look under the most unflattering conditions… and yet they are still sparkling and shining in the Christmas kind of way :) I wore each of the Royal Chapels for a couple of days, and in the evening in artificial lightning they were shining amazingly. If you’d like to see the polishes in their true evening beauty, visit F.U.N Lacquer official web store where you’ll find more pics of the festive duo. Currently the glitter Royal Chapel is for $11.00 and the holo is $11.50

Thank you for looking! I’ll see you soon with the other 3 pairs ;)

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  1. Here I like here the glitter version a little bit more, maybe because it seems very rich to me :-)

  2. This is such a pretty polish, it glows. It looks fancy and it is perfect for the holidays!

  3. These are very nice and festive :D

  4. Amazing nail polishes! They’re so perfect for Christmas :)

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