F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2014: C’est Noel (multichrome and holo)

Although I’m not a big fan of green, two C’est Noel nail polishes from F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2014 became my favourites from the collection.

F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2014: C'est Noel

According to Google “C’est Noel” can be translated from French to English as “It’s Christmas”, and that makes the polishes to be the core of the Christmas collection :)

F.U.N Lacquer C'est Noel holo

In the pics above and below I have F.U.N Lacquer C’est Noel (holo) in 3 thin coats with no base or top.

F.U.N Lacquer C'est Noel holo

… and now let me show you the polish that I think I liked most from the whole Christmas collection, it’s a multi chrome version of C’est Noël!

C'est Noël FUN Lacquer bottle

The bottle contains 12 ml of the green chrome beauty:

C'est Noël FUN Lacquer

On my nails I have 2 medium coats of F.U.N Lacquer C’est Noël with a thin coat of a fast drying top. I had no application issues, and even though in the pics there’re some tiny brushstrokes that can bee seen, in real life they are not that noticeable :)

C'est Noël FUN Lacquer

More pics of the polishes you can find here, in the F.U.N Lacquer web store. They ship worldwide, and C’est Noel polishes are for $12.50 there. By the way, F.U.N Lacquer already has a new collection ready for New Year 2015 :)

F.U.N Lacquer C'est Noel chrome

Thank you for looking! Till the next post, take care ♥

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  1. Beautiful!!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Natalie! :)

  2. I like both of them, but the holo version is stunning! :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      The holo sparkles and shines incredibly in a proper lighting :)

  3. not my kind of a combo but it’s nice :)

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