Dance Legend Ceasars Palace

Last weekend I got a nail mail from Dance Legend, and it needed to be shared :) I have a few pics of the bottles on Instagram, and of course I’m going to show you the polishes here one by one. Today it’s the first one from the bunch, a silver glitter Ceasars Palace.

Dance Legend Ceasars Palace

Here’s the beauty in the bottle:

Dance Legend Ceasars Palace bottle

The polish was recently released with the DL Las Vegas glitter collection under the number 1061:

Dance Legend 1061

At first glance the bottle looked pretty normal, it was the cap that surprised me because I noticed a power button on the top of it.

Dance Legend Las Vegas

I’ve seen many shapes of bottles and caps, many colors and what nots, but nail polishes equipped with power buttons… it was something new to me lol And so I pushed the button just like the text around it says… aaaand the bottle turned into a flashlight! I checked the rest of the polishes from the mail and I found 3 more bottles with the button. Here’s how they look in the dark:

Dance Legend lit up polishes

Quite amazing I’d say! :) but back to Ceasars Palace. The polish is packed full of confetti style holographic silver glitter in different sizes, in a clear base. By itself it’s mostly opaque in 3 coats. For the swatches I layered it over Max Factor Opal which is a greyish off-white shimmer, and as a result I got a festive winter-y nail look.

Silver holo glitter nail polish

Ceasars Palace can be found online on Dance Legend webstore here together with 11 more Las Vegas glitters.

Dance Legend Las Vegas

I was sent one more glitter from the collection which I’m hoping to show you very soon, but for today that’s all. See you :)

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  1. Very pretty glitter – there’s something irresistible in holo bits in the glitters that always makes me WOW. And the led light for the bottles? Very cute!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Maja! Yep, the light looks pretty cute indeed :) I’m wondering what’ll be next in the nail polish industry :D

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