Starrily Goodnight Moon

It’s a long autumn night, dark clear sky, and lots of shining stars… I think it’s time for another Starrily glitter called Goodnight Moon:

Starrily Goodnight Moon

Here’s a close up bottle shot:

Starrily Goodnight Moon bottle

Goodnight Moon has lots and lots of holo glitter of different shapes! You’ll find large, medium and small round glitter, square and hex glitter, star glitter as well as half moon shaped glitter – and all these are sparkling on nails like real stars. What I like most about the polish is its blue jelly base, it matches the holo glitter perfectly.

Starrily Goodnight Moon glitter

Since the base is semi transparent I applied Goodnight Moon over a blue to black gradient done with OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay and Sally Hansen Black Out. I used 1 coat of the glitter, and I found it to be just enough :)

Starrily Goodnight Moon macro

Goodnight Moon as well as many other stunning Starrily glitters can be found at the brand’s official web store here, and the price is $10 per 15ml bottle.

Blue holography glitter nail polish

Thank you for reading! :)

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  1. I couldn’t wear glitters as big as this – but wow I love looking at them, it’s a beautiful mani!

  2. Your mani looks like a night sky fool with stars, love the effect of it!

  3. Over your gradient this polish seems to be the starry night over the dark city :)

  4. That’s stunning!

  5. Simona says: Reply

    I really like this glitter and the perfect gradient underwear!

  6. Perfect final result, beautiful manicure! :-)

  7. ewlyn says: Reply

    A perfect night sky manicure :) Love the gradient.

  8. oh this looks so gorgeous <3 I'd love to wear it

  9. Adi says: Reply

    That’s a gorgeous look, Mari :) Love it!

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