Starrily Prince Charming

It was snowing here two days ago, and although the snow melted rapidly, now I feel like wearing “winter” colors including festive Starrily glitters. Prince Charming is the kind of polish I’d wear during Christmas holidays.

Starrily Prince Charming

The bottle shot:

Starrily Prince Charming bottle

The name on the bottom label:

Starrily Prince Charming bottle

What can I say… Mawi you did it again! Charming Prince is a perfect glitter: sparkling, rich and opaque in 2 coats. Starrily website says it has real sterling silver flakes! The polish can be used as a top, but I chose to wear it solo – in the pics I have 2 rather thick coats topped with a clear top coater.

Starrily Prince Charming macro

The pics are done in daylight, and this is how I saw the polish on my nails. It must be mentioned that Prince Charming is a holo, and the holography is amazing in artificial lighting. You might want to go to Starrily’s online store and watch a short video where the silver holo effect of the Prince is captured.

Starrily Prince Charming

Like all Starrily products, Prince Charming is 5 free, vegan and cruelty free, as I said – it’s a perfect silver glitter! For the swatches I wanted to use this silver as a base for nail art, but I couldn’t. The polish is self sufficient and easily attracts attention. Hence a little warning: don’t wear it to work even if your dress code allows glitters, because the Prince will keep you charmed and distracted all day ;)

Thank you for looking!

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  1. This is a stunning polish and I really love the photos!

  2. Gorgeous swatch!

  3. Stunning! :-)

  4. Charming indeed will be awesome for the upcoming holidays :)

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