Mont Bleu Swarovski keyring

In one of my previous posts where I was reviewing Mont Bleu Swarovski glass files I mentioned that the company had sent me a little something else as a bonus gift. Today I’d love to show you what I got, as well as a simple nail design inspired by the gift :)

Mont Bleu Swarovski keyring

This is an amazing keyring with a red heart shaped Swarovski element! The crystal heart is 28x28mm in size, and the chain including the keyring is 65mm long. The weight is 17g

Swarovski crystal keyring

I took a lot of pics trying to catch all the beauty of the red crystal, and unfortunately only a few of them turned out to be good. Crystals can be very camera shy :)) However, here’re 2 pics where you can see how sparkly the heart is. They are done in daylight, so you can imagine how shiny the Swarovski heart is in artificial lighting!

Red heart keyring gift

Also, I did a matching nail design with a red heart accent, using Dance Legend Gothic Veil, Orly Dazzle, and a red acrylic paint.

Black and red heart nails design

Needless to say I liked the gift a lot ^^ I’ve been using the keyring for 2 weeks now and I’m absolutely happy with how beautiful and sparkling the crystal heart is! The only downside I can think of is that later there may appear scratches on the heart surface, but so far the heart is as good as new (as you can see in the pics).
The Swarovski keyring can be found in the Mont Bleu online store here, and apart from key rings and glass files at Mont Bleu they have lots and lots of other beautiful and cute things at affordable prices that can make a great present for anyone.

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Beautiful :)

  2. Very special and beautiful keyring! I love your manicure! :-)

  3. Manicure is awesome and the keyring would be pure perfection if it was blue :D

  4. Kelsie says: Reply

    Gorgeous! (Manicure and keyring)

  5. Hi Mari Lumme,

    This is an awesome Nail Art! Perfect for Valentine’s day.

    I try to do this design on my toes, here is the link : (post written in French).

    I didn’t forget to quote you with all the links (Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) ;)

    You’re doing a great job! I love you blog!

    See You++

    Vava Pistache

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