Instagram & NOTD: Dance Legend Albion

That’s right, I’m officially on Instagram now! To be honest I’ve had an account there for quite a while, but I had zero posts and I was hardly ever online. However recently I’ve been asked several times whether I have IG or not, so I thought I’d change my attitude towards the network and start using it more often. So if you want to find or add me there it’s @mari_lumme and of course I’ll appreciate all your comments and likes :)

Me on Instagram

Now let’s move on to the polish of the day. This time it’s a grey flakie by Dance Legend called Albion which is a very apt name for the shade. The color is soft and misty, it reminds me of cold rainy mornings, black umbrellas and overcast skies. Another perfect shade for Fall.

Dance Legend Albion

The pics show three medium coats, with a clear top. The formula is good, it’s not too thick or too thin. The polish does look slightly patchy on the 1st coat, but that gets covered with the other two coats. I liked it that the silver flakies don’t stick out and therefore the surface isn’t gritty. Here’s a macro:

Dance Legend Albion

The polish belongs to the DL Mist Way collection which consists of 12 shades, and Albion is one of the darkest among them. On the DL official website and at LLarowe the polish is for $9.

Thank you for looking :)

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  1. That gray is gorgeous!
    I’m glad you are enjoying instagram :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      I am :) I just hope IG won’t make me lazy since one doesn’t need to write posts there lol

  2. Very soft shade, beautiful nail polish :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you!

  3. yay for more instagram :D and I like the nail polish it’s a lighter version of one Essence nail polish I have :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      yay lol

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