ILNP Fall 2014: Champagne Blush

Champagne Blush is the second almost nude color from the I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Fall 2014 collection that was released last Friday.

ILNP Fall 2014: Champagne Blush

A bottle pic with its label:

 Champagne Blush ILNP

Champagne Blush is described as an “amazing rose gold holographic polish with personality”. I think the color’s personality is created by its rich golden shimmer that looks especially beautiful in the shade. As for the holography, it adds some dimension to the neutral rose color.

I Love Nail Polish Champagne Blush

In the pics I have 3 coats of ILNP Champagne Blush with a clear top. Like the rest of the polishes in the collection, Champagne applied smoothly and dried relatively fast. I added a coat of a glossy top to make the golden shimmer more visible. Luckily, the top didn’t dull the holography. Here’s a macro:

ILNP Champagne Blush macro

Like I said, Champagne Blush is a part of the ILNP Fall 2014 collection, and if you are interested to try it, the polish can be found here, the price is $10 per bottle.

Rose pink holo nails

Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. I decided not to order this one – but now I kind of regret, it’s very pretty!

  2. Perfect for fall. Loving the subtle holo, which adds more multidimentional effect to the whole thing.

  3. That’s a gorgeous polish <3

  4. The shimmer of this polish is gorgeous!

  5. Very pretty and I love the shimmer :-)

  6. It’s an interesting polish I like it :)

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