ILNP Fall 2014: Iconic

Iconic is the second nail polish from the ILNP Fall 2014 collection that I tried, and I liked its gold nude holography a lot :)

ILNP Fall 2014: Iconic

First of all, as always, here’s a bottle shot:

ILNP Iconic bottle

When I looked at my ILNP polishes closely I found out that names at the bottom labels are all written in different colors, accordingly to the polish color. Here Iconic is written in light beige since the polish itself is close to nudes.

Iconic by ILNP

Officially Iconic is described as a “gold holographic polish with an incredible amount of depth to it”, and I can add that its a cold shimmering nude shade of gold which I would always prefer to warm golden foils.

The pics show 3 thin coats of Iconic with a fast drying glossy top coater.

I Love Nail Polish Iconic

The holography is really intense, I can see it even indoors in the daylight, not talking about artificial lighting in which the polish shines amazingly. Here all the pics are done in the daylight, just like always :)

Gold holo nail polish

Iconic and the rest 10 polishes from the ILNP Fall 2014 collection will soon be available at their official web store here. The price is $10 per bottle, and they offer international shipping. Do visit their website, there at ILNP they have many great holos, shimmers and chromes to seduce you :)

Thank you for looking! See you soon, I have more ILNP Fall swatches to show you ♥

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  1. Amazingly beautiful :-)

  2. I love the shade and the fantastic subtle shine!

  3. That shade is so beautiful for fall!

  4. lovely :D i would say work nail polish that is not boring :D

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