It all started with the idea of a simple nude manicure decorated with white horizontal stripes. Nothing more, nothing less… and here’s what I ended up wearing:

Butterfly nail design on nude

When I did white stripes over nude base I suddenly decided that the manicure looked too boring for my mood, so I spiced it up with butterflies on the accent nails. Then the butterflies demanded some black on the rest of the nails, so I had to add thin black stitches to outline some of the white stripes.

Striped nails with nude and white

For the striped manicure with butterfly accents I needed:

  • Orly Pure Porcelain – cold nude base
  • Black and white acrylic paints – wide white stripes and black stitches
  • Striping tape – to do the stripes
  • Butterly nail decals
  • Clear top to seal the design

Nude nail design with white stripes

I think I’m happy with the end result. The butterflies made the design more summer appropriate and the stripes added to the not-so-boring-nude look :) I hope you liked it too! Let me know ;)
Thank you for looking ♥

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  1. Очень элегантный дизайн!

  2. Kelsie says: Reply

    You ‘think’ you’re happy with it?! OMG I Love it! So simple yet so gorgeous!! :)

  3. Karen says: Reply

    Dido Kelsie! I adore this nail design.

  4. The butterfly and stitches cheered up you manicure very well. Fantastic idea!

  5. Nice, I like the idea to add the butterfly and the stitches :-)

  6. Great design! I love this manicure!

  7. With or without the butterfly it’s a lovely manicure :)

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