Dance Legend The Knight

I got this mysterious Dance Legend nail polish for review a while back. Why it’s a mystery? Because the bottle has no codes or names written on it.

Dance Legend Knight

The bottle contains 6.5ml of polish:

Dance Legend The Knight bottle

I searched the web for Dance Legend multichrome polishes, and now I’m inclined to think that it’s that famous Knight I’m wearing on my nails in the pics. It’s a purple based metallic multichrome that shifts from a warm copper to gold, green and purple. The color is unusual for me to wear during summer days, but I’ll sure be wearing it in Autumn. Here’s how dark the polish is if you look at it at an angle:

Dance Legend multichrome

In the pics I have 3 coats of the Knight over a clear base, with no top. The polish is well pigmented, and it’s possible to wear it in two coats, I did the 3rd one just to be sure I won’t get any bold spots since I was going to swatch it :)

Dance Legend the Knight swatches

Dance Legend nail polishes are available at their official website, and if you live in the US or Canada and do not want to wait till your order will get to you across the ocean, you can find their polishes at several etailers like Llarowe.

Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. Kim says: Reply

    I just got this polish too! It’s beautiful! I used my little label machine to label it so I don’t forget! :) Your photos are gorgeous (as always). I heard this is a limited edition polish – did you find that to be true? If so, I’m glad we have it in our collections. :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yes, I think it’s a limited edition, and we are lucky to have it :) Also, I heard rumours that the polish wasn’t available offline unlike the rest of the colors from the Dance Legend multichrome collection. They say you could only buy it online.

  2. It’s beautiful, but if it has no bottom label it must have fallen off?

    1. I found it on Llarowe, it sais:
      Chameleon No. 097 The Knight (Limited Edition)

      1. Mari says: Reply

        I’m not sure if it ever had a label on. Perhaps the polish is a review sample and not for sale, and hence it has no label, or maybe it simply fell off like you said :)
        Yep, you are right, its code is 097 :)

  3. The polish is gorgeous as any Dance Legend polish!

  4. The great colour. And gorgeous pictures, as always. I am waiting for my order with Wazowski to come.

  5. I’m over duochromes, but this one is nice :)

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