Pink checkered nail stickers for accents

I think I’m starting to fall in love with all kinds of nail wraps and stickers. Today I’d love to show you a simple nail design done with 2 nail polishes and a set of pink checkered nail wraps that I got from Born Pretty store for review.

Pink checkered nail wraps

This is how the nail stickers set looked like when I opened the package:

Pink and black checkered nail wraps

There are 12 pink & black checkered strips of 6 different sizes, the widest strip is 25x15mm and the smallest is 24x9mm. As for the application, I chose 2 strips of the size I needed for my accent nails, and I applied the stickers directly on my naked nails. I didn’t need any correction near the cuticles line, and on the tips I filed off the excess. However, the application itself wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The stickers didn’t want to stretch properly over the curves of the nails, and I had to do tiny cuts to make the wraps fit better. Finally, I applied a coat of a clear top to make the surface more shiny.

I cannot say anything about the wear time, as I did my nails yesterday before going to bed, and I was wearing them all day today. The removal was easy – I held my hands in warm water, and then I simply peeled the stickers off the nails.

The polishes I used to complete the checkered nail look:

  • OPI Shorts Story – pure pink creme
  • Cult Nails Nevermore – black creme

Pink black checkered nails

Overall, the quality of the wraps is ok and they are wearable, but I wouldn’t recommend them for those who never tried nail wraps before, because the application process requires experience, patience and time. I was actually glad I decided to do just 2 checkered accent nails, because I was sleepy and tired.

Pink black checkered nail design wraps

If you are interested to try the pink checkered nail stickers, you can find them here at Born Pretty webstore. The pattern is KK-27, but there are 19 more designs to choose from, and currently each of the sets costs $1.99 with free international shipping. Also, feel free to use the code MARIX31 to get 10% off any other product there that is not on sale.

I have one more nail stickers set from Born Pretty store, so I guess you’ll see more nail stickers designs soon :) and for now – thanks for looking! I hope you liked the accents xxx

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  1. Such a lovely combination!!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Ina :) The combo is quite simple, I didn’t want to make the look too bling-y decorating the rest of the nails with studs and rhinestones since the checkered pattern is eye-catchy itself, but if to aim for a glam/party look I think a few golden studs can add to the design :)

  2. Sometimes water decals and nail stickers are very convenient when you want to get a beautiful manicure very quickly! :-) Nice design, perfect manicure! :-)

  3. I like it, this decal is really nice and it would be a little too much for me for a full manicure :)

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