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When hearts break

February 8th, 2014 | Posted by Mari in Love & hearts

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many girls are posting their holiday nail art ideas. I’d love to join them and share with you a couple of designs. Let me start with a classy red nail polish and hearts manicure for today :)

Valentine's Day red nail art with hearts

The red color I’m wearing is Chili Red from Dance Legend’s Flame Star collection. It’s a bit strange, but I cannot find the collection on DL official website. So it’s either an old discontinued color or a very new one that hasn’t been added to the catalog yet. Chili Red comes in a standard Dance Legend 15ml bottle with their regular brush.

Dance Legend Chili Red Flame Star collection

To give you better understanding of the color I made a little comparison with some other reds from my collection, in the pic below L-R we have:

  • OPI On Collin’s Ave – a bright red with some orange notes
  • Dance Legend Chili Red
  • OPI Big Apple Red – a classical red that is always in fashion, Chili Red seems to be its lighter version
  • OPI Color So Hot It Berns – my favourite red so far, it’s quite close to Chili Red, just a bit colder

Dance Legend Chili Red

The crelly formula on this red is good tho it’s slightly on the thin side to my likening, that’s why I had to do some clean up after applying the polish. On my nails I have 2 coats of Chili Red over a base coat (a base is a must with this red), and I added 1 coat of a fast drying top.

The white hearts here are water decals, and the supposed-to-be-broken-heart-pieces effect is done with Dance Legend Aztec top #7. I got the top with the previous Dance Legend nail mail and I’ve already used 1/3 of the bottle. I love Aztec for its ability to refresh my manicures in no time, plus it goes well with so many colors :)

Valentine's Day broken hearts nail design

Thank you for looking :) See you soon ♥

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