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Neko no hi 2014

February 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Mari in Stripes & dots

I don’t understand or like many holidays. However, today is the holiday I love, and we celebrate it together with Kernel. I’m sure he loves it too because it’s Cat’s day! Kernel gets something yummy for dinner and we’re just happy we have a cat :)

Cat nail art in pink

Cat’s day or as they call it in Japan 猫の日 (neko no hi) is celebrated on February 22. Let me spare you the details of why this Japanese holiday is on 02/22, maybe you already know it, or in case you are interested you can just google for the Day of Cats. I’ll simply get to the point – my nails of the day.

Pink nails with stripes design

The base color is OPI You’re Such a Kabuki Queen. I chose this pink not only because of its beautifulness, but also because it was released with the OPI Japanese collection. The cat is painted with acrylic colors, and so are the light pink stripes and the “meow”.

Cat nails design in pink

The cat was inspired by a phone case I stumbled upon in Forever 21 webstore a while back. That time I saved its image in my inspiration folder for a proper occasion. Here’s the case:

Cat phone case Forever 21

I painted the cat in pink and white colors to make the design look more fun and holiday appropriate. My initial idea was to paint cat paw prints over stripes on the non-accent nails, but then I decided that the paw prints would overload the design, making the cat less noticeable, and that I didn’t want.

Nail design with cats

Ok, enough said about the pink cat nail design. I wish you and all cats in the world a happy Cat’s Day! If you have a cat, do celebrate the day with him/her, I’m sure your cat deserves a tasty dinner, right? :D
Meow and thank you for looking! :))

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