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Love is in the snow

February 11th, 2014 | Posted by Mari in Love & hearts | Rhinestones & 3D

Continuing my Valentine’s Day themed nail art posts, I’d love to show you a manicure that I did using white and red flocking powder:

White flocked nails design

It’s my first experience with flocking powder nail art. I bought it at the local craft shop, and I chose the white one to create the snowy effect on my nails. Since Valentine is all about love and hearts, I “put” a crimson heart in the snow as an accent. I shamelessly admit that I’m happy with how the heart turned out. At first, I painted it with a red nail polish over white polish, and only after that I applied flocking powder, using a nail art brush + tweezers and trying to be very careful, to be more exact, trying not to put much powder at the boundaries of white and red.

White fuzzy nails design

For the white flocked manicure I needed:

  • OPI Alpine Snow – a white creme nail polish (perfect name for the design!)
  • Dance Legend Chili Red – a bright red crelly for the heart (and red flocking powder over it)
  • White flocking powder for the snow

White fuzzy nails with flocking powder

Fuzzy nails can be a great choice for those who want to achieve an unusual, or even edgy look for Valentine’s Day. Of course, it’s a one day manicure, but I think the effect is worth trying :) Another good thing about flocking powder is that it’s easy to remove it with a regular nail polish remover, in fact much easier than micro beards.

Thank you for looking! See you ♥

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