Guest post #15: Halloween nails from Nastya

It’s been a long while since I had a guest on the blog, so tonight I’m really happy to show you nail pictures I got from Nastya. Her nail design is super appropriate for Halloween, and the holiday happens to be today!

Halloween nails in black and red

The design is mine, Nastya is the model, and her husband Artyom kindly agreed to be our photographer :) I don’t think there’s a special idea behind the design, I just used one of the most common Halloween color combinations in black-red-white, and I added crosses that made the whole picture even darker.

You can click on the photos below to see their bigger versions.

Black nails with crosses

For the Halloween nail art with crosses in red and black we needed:

  • Rimmel Riviera Red – a bright red nail polish
  • Sally Hansen Black Out – a black creme for the accents background
  • OPI Black Shatter – a black crackle nail polish
  • Black and white acrylic paints
  • Clear top

Red nails with crackle polish

I painted Nastya’s nails red (and her accent nails black), and then I randomly sponged white acrylic paint over the red base. While waiting for the paint to dry, I freehand painted crosses on her accent nails, and then I added a coat of a clear fast drying top to all her nails. The top sealed the design and made it possible to use the black crackling top over the red nails.

Don’t use a crackle top over acrylic paints, most likely you’ll end up with a total mess instead of a neat design. First cover your nails with a regular top, and then use the crackle over it.

Funny thing is that when I finished the design, Nastya looked at her nails and told me it was the first time she was having a crackle nail polish on her nails :) Well, I hope she liked the effect! I rarely wear crackles, but I think they are perfect for special occasions like Halloween.

Halloween black nails ideas

That’s it! Now I’d love to thank Nastya and Artyom for helping me with the post, and all 3 of us are wishing you a Happy Halloween! Have fun tonight ;)

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  1. It’s really a cool mani!

  2. Such a fun Halloween mani :)

  3. I haven’t worn a black crackle in a really long time I’m not sure I even have it anymore, and I like the design on Nastya’s nails it’s suits the occasion perfectly :)

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