Lumene #7 Small Island

Today I’d love to show you a nude nail polish that I wore last week – it’s a Lumene again, called Small Island (or Hiljainen luoto in Finnish):

Lumene #7 Small Island

The polish comes from the Lumene Gloss and Care line under #7. Small Island is one of those nudes that can help you to downplay your nails if you want to show off your outfit, or if you want to get some rest from bright colorful manicures. Mine was the second case, that’s why I paired the polish with pale blue jeans and a soft beige sweater. The sweater is making its appearance here as a background :)

Here’s a comparison of Lumene Small Island with three other autumn nail polishes. On the pic below L-R we have:

  • China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
  • Lumene Small Island
  • Orly Pure Porcelain
  • Chanel Frenzy

Nude nail polish comparison swatches

On my nails I have 3 thin coats of Lumene Small Island over a clear base, with a clear fast drying top. It’s possible to get away with 2 coats, I did three only to be on the safe side, because I knew I’ll be swatching it.

Nude nail polish pictures

Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend ;)

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  1. Small Island is a beautiful nude! It looks so clean and professional.

  2. This shade looks really good on you! Btw I like the way you present your manicures, always so original :)

  3. It’s a very pretty nude for you, lovely photos as usual :)

  4. Beautiful nude, I think I could use it in many occasions… And, it is perfect as a base for some nail art! :-)

  5. I could need a nude like this! Very pretty!

  6. Looks very elegant and work appropriate :D

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