Blue nail foil manicure

I’ve been wanting to try nail foils for a while, so when I got an offer from KK Center HK to review their transfer foils, I seized the opportunity. Here’s my very first nail foil manicure:

Blue nail foil transfer

The foil I used for the design is Blue Diamond Hidden Patten Nail Foil by N.NAIL, and I got it with a bottle of nail foil glue. Here’s how the products look like:

Nail foil transfer with glue

The foil came rolled up in a little plastic jar. I didn’t measure it, but according to the KK Center HK website its length is 150 cm and width is 4 cm. It’s definitely a good quantity, the foil will last for many manicures. A close up of the foil’s blue diamond pattern:

Blue nail foil transfer

I wouldn’t advise you to take all the foil out of the jar (I did so only to take pics of the diamond pattern). The foil is very thin and delicate, and its pretty hard to roll it back and put inside the container without damaging the pattern. I’d recommend keeping the foil in the jar, when needed you can simply find one of its ends inside, and lightly tug on it.

Blue nail foil transfer N.NAIL

As for the glue, it reminded me of a nail polish with milky formula, except for its strange smell. It has a brush, so it’s easy to apply the glue on the nails. Since I had no idea about its contents, I applied it over a ORLY clear base + a coat of a blue nail polish.

Nail foil transfer glue

There’re many photo and video tutorials on how to use nail foils, so I’ll keep the story short and simple :) I started with applying ORLY Nail Defense base on all my nails, and once it was dry, I painted my nails with a gorgeous deep blue nail polish I recently bought – GOSH Cobalt Blue (2 coats) and waited for my nails to dry. On my accent nails I applied a thin coat of the glue, trying to be very careful near cuticles line. The important part is to wait for the glue to become transparent.

Next I cut a section of the foil and put it on top of the nail, so that it stuck to the center. Then, using my thumb, I pressed the foil down firmly one side of the nail from the center and then the other. When the foil was properly stuck, I took an edge of the foil and slowly pulled it off the nail. Finally, I added a coat of a clear top to seal the foil, and repeated the steps for each accent nail.

Diamond blue nail foils design

Overall, nail foils turned out to be a simple way to get a fun nail design in no time, you’ll just need a bit of practice to get it done neat. The removal process is no harder than removing an ordinary nail polish.

Nail foil design and manicure

This blue diamond N.NAIL nail foil can be found here for $7.69 (the foil with the glue will cost $12), and there are many other colors to choose from on the KK Center HK website. KK Center HK ships worldwide.

*The product was sent to me for review

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  1. Beautiful mani and a great review!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Natalie :)

  2. Cindi says: Reply

    This is so beautiful. I love that blue foil pattern you picked.

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Cindi :) The pattern is beautiful for sure, but it’s not an easy one for the first manicure. I had to be very careful transferring it to my nails. I think simple nail foils with no pattern are better to start with :)

  3. I LOOOVE this mani, first of all I always lover your photos, but your manis always are so lovely and clean-cut – this is no exception!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Maria :) I’m really glad you liked the pics and the nail foil design! The main thing about applying the foil neatly near the cuticles is to apply the glue as carefully and even as possible, because the foil will only stick to the nail where there’s glue :)

  4. What a nice result you got! I have a similar Essence foil with the same pattern but purple, and… oh Lord, I’ve tried everything, it just wouldn’t transfer to my nails fully, some pieces always remain blank. And I love the base colour, I was holding the bottle of Cobalt Blue in Rive Gauche today :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      I love Cobalt Blue, it’s a gorgeous shade of blue, tho it smells somewhat strange.
      I cannot say the foil transfer was perfect, there were some small flaws, but in rl they were invisible :)

  5. I like the pattern of the foil you got and of course the color :D I have some foils but I still haven’t properly tried them out, it’s been almost a year :ashamed:

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Oh you should! It’s a fun experience :))

  6. Gorgeous manicure, and your photos are stunning! :-) It also looks like you managed to not get wrinkles when you applied the foil. Love the foil you chose

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Lani :) There were some small wrinkles, but they were noticable only if I looked very closely at my nails, in real life it was all ok :)

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