Studs and lace

Recently I was contacted by KK Center HK, an online store for many beauty products including nail art decorations. I’m sure many of you have already heard about this company, so let me skip the details and show you one of two products I chose to review – N.NAIL blue studs, that I used in the following nail art:

White lace nails with studs

I got the studs in a plastic ziplock bag, and the packaging is the only thing that I didn’t like about them. It’s much easier to keep such tiny decorations (each of the studs is 2mm in diameter) in one of those round nail art containers. Luckily I had an empty container, so the studs now have a better “home” to live in :)

Blue studs for nail art

On the KK Center HK website it’s said that each pack contains approx 50 pieces. I counted the studs while I was putting them in the container, and I got 51 – it’s enough for several manicures, if you are not going to cover all your nails with studs at once ofc.

Blue lace nails

Except for the ziplock bag, I must say I’m very pleased with the quality of the studs. All of them are perfectly round and shiny, and of the exact same metallic blue color. I placed the studs rather randomly over my lace nails to create some kind of vintage look. The background color is my favorite blue creme – OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook. White laces are water decals.

Blue nails with white lace and studs

For today’s nail design I used N.NAIL Circular Blue 2mm Studs, that can be found on the KK Center HK online store here and the price is $4.73 per package. Worldwide shipping is available.
Thank you for looking! See you soon xxx

*The product was sent to me for review

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  1. I love how you’ve used the studs! They complement the lace perfectly :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Ina :)

  2. It’s really sweet and feminine!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Maria, I’m glad you like this lace design :)

  3. Stunning! Feminine and edgy

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you :) I’m happy you liked this look with studs and lace :)

  4. Lovely manicure I like the lace pattern and the just right position of the studs :D

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you dear :) I’m glad you liked the design :)

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