White iris flowers on purple

Mmm… let’s pretend the flowers on my nails look like iris flowers. It’s not the exact match, but I’d love to think there’s some resemblance, as I have posted so many nameless floral nail arts already :)

Iris flowers on nails

It’s one of those lazy nail designs that can be done with just a few brush strokes over a rough gradient background. As always, the gradient is done with a make up sponge and two nail polishes, and the iris flowers are painted freehand with acrylic paints.

White iris nail design

The products I used for this floral nail art with iris flowers:

  • Lumene First Spring – lilac creme nail polish for the background
  • A-England Elaine – dark purple on the tips, it makes the flowers more vivid
  • Lumene Have Fun – white creme nail polish for sponging
  • Acrylic paints and a thin nail art brush
  • Clear top

… and that’s it for today :) Now let me wish you a relaxing Friday evening and a weekend full of sun and warmth! The sun is something I would love to see here very muchly, as it’s been raining today all day long.
Thank you for reading ♥

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  1. Anna says: Reply

    This is such a beautiful manicure, Mari! I love the colours, and they really do look like irises :) xx

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Anna! I’m glad the flowers reminded you of irises :))

  2. Well, lazy is a point of view. In mine it looks really pretty and the gradient doesn’t look rough at all lol :p Kisses,

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, Cristina! I’m glad to hear you like the flowers, I called the mani “lazy” because it was fast and easy to do, just a few brushstrokes.. I secretly admire complex nail designs, where you need to put some effort to achieve a certain nail look :)

  3. It’s a gorgeous mani, I love everything about it – and if my flowers doesn’t look exactly like a certain flower – I always call it “artistic freedom” ;)

  4. This is lovely :) And the weekend is not sunny over here, but we’ll make something out of it :D

  5. So pretty! I’m absolutely loving the background!

  6. Anutka says: Reply

    Absolutely beautiful manicure! I can’t get enough of it :)

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