Supernatural nails

Now when the Valentine’s Day celebration is over, I can continue with the 31 Day Challenge themes :) Today’s manicure is inspired by supernatural powers. My first idea was to do an alien nail art, but then I thought I already did Galaxy nails for the Challenge. Eventually I decided on ghosts and a haunted house, so let me show you the design:

Ghost nail art

I tried to paint a kind and friendly ghost, and I also “gave” him a house with a tiny garden, surrounded by a fence (ghosts don’t like intruders). Here he is a bit closer, saying Hi to you:

Halloween nails with ghosts

The nail look is suitable for Halloween party I guess :) The base color here is Orly Pixie Dust, as for the ghost with the house and trees – that all is painted with acrylic paints.

That was Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural, and I hope you liked the design. Obviously it’s not for everyday wear, but the supernatural theme didn’t left me much choice :)
Thank you for reading! xxx

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  1. This is so cute and so well painted as always! I love the monochrome theme of the manicure!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      thank you :) yep, not many colors in the nail design – as they say, all ghosts cats are grey in the dark :D

  2. Anna says: Reply

    So cute!! I love that you gave your ghost a house with a garden and fence, I’m sure he’s grateful :D Fabulous painting as always Mari xx

    1. Mari says: Reply

      I hope he is lol Thank you Anna!

  3. Aww, they would be great for Halloween too – well done!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yes, that’s exactly why I thought. It’s definitely not for everyday, but it could be a fun manicure for Halloween :)

  4. This is so cool I love it :D

    1. Mari says: Reply

      :D thank you!

  5. This looks amazing Mari! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award :-) You can see the award here

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you for the comment and for the award, I’ll sure include it in one of my next posts! :)

  6. I love this! So awesome!

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