Nevskie Berega 2012 – Saint Petersburg Beauty Expo

Hello! Finally I managed to sort out the photos I took at the St. Petersburg Beauty Expo. It’s a biannual event that takes place every spring and fall. The Expo is popular here for its variety of nail art, make up and hairdressing competitions, educational seminars, and many other activities. However, personally I see it as a big fair, where you can find lots of useful things for nail care and designing – all in one place, and at good prices.

Saint Petersburg, Nevskie Berega 2012

This is the 2nd time I went there, and both times it was crowded and chaotic. The Expo was buzzing with nail art/make up artists and students, hairdressers, salon and shop owners, as well as simple visitors like myself. Here I need to mention that my friend and I got free passes to the Expo and we were really excited about that, because it meant we could spend more money on nail polish ^^ We decided to skip master classes and tutorials, and went straight to the shopping area.

Nevskie Berega 2012 SPb

Some of recognizable nail polish brands were Essie, Orly, Mavala, Konad, Missha, Jessica, CND and China Glaze. I didn’t find Zoya and OPI, and as a big OPI fan I was really disappointed :( As far as I remember, I did see OPI displays last spring there. The same with Zoya nail polishes – they don’t sell them anywhere near my home and I was hoping to buy a couple of Zoya bottles at the Expo…

CND Displays

I spent a lot of time at the China Glaze stands trying to take a decent picture of CG polishes, but there were so many people around! Finally I gave up the idea lol This is the best pic I could get:

China Glaze stand expo

We managed to squeeze our way through the mob of nail polish lovers and picked up some polishes. They had a promotion offer which was buy 6 nail polishes and get a discount.

There also were many unknown nail polish brands, and some of them had really nice colors in their collections.

Nail polish IT Girl

We also spotted Sagitta and Impala stands:

Sagitta and Impala

As always I was looking for nail art displays:

Nail Art Tips

There were plenty of ideas and step-by-step examples. I wish I had taken more pics!…

Nail design Fake Nails

Where there is nail art, there are also acrylic colors and powders – quite a few stands were selling them:

Acrylic colors UV

Sets of acrylic paints as well as single colors:

Acrylic paints set

Those who prefer their nails done by a professional, could use the opportunity and get a manicure at a good discount.

Nail art and Manicure

After 2 hours of searching for gems and taking pics of nail polishes we got really tired. Still, before going home we decided to take a look at the main stage area where wedding make up and hairdressing competitions were happening at that moment. Here’s a backstage pic of a beautiful girl :)

Wedding Dress Girl

The end :) It’s a very pic heavy post, but better than text heavy ;)
Thank you for reading/watching! See you soon ♥

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  1. OHHHH, I would love to experience something like this once – it must be absolutely fantastic :)

  2. You’re so lucky!! I wish I had a chance to visit a beauty expo :(
    Great report, won’t you show us what you got there? :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you! I didn’t want the post to be too pic heavy, plus I didn’t buy much there :)

  3. I still haven’t been to a fair like this in my country (though smaller) but I’m hoping to go next year. I’m sorry that you didn’t find OPI or Zoya. Shall we see what you did buy?

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Well, no Zoya, OPI or Nubar – the fair turned out to be no that big.
      I bought one CG nail polish, a couple of Konad polishes, several sets of water decals and a top – not that much, but I’ll be showing it all in action in my future posts :)

  4. I so want to go to one of these kinds event!! I am glad you had a lot of fun!!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Oh you absolutely should! :) It’s a great feeling – to be surrounded by soo many nail polishes and colors :))

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