Floral nail art on teal and black

Happy Sunday to all of you! This time I want to show you my version of a manicure that I saw in a Japanese nail art magazine. It’s not an exact copy of the original design, mainly because I didn’t save the scans of that magazine and I had to paint it from memory.

Black floral nail art

I really like the combination of teal, black, gold and pink on my nails. To be honest I don’t think I would have ever dared to use these colors together… but I saw them in action in that magazine and I realized that I just had to try it.

Flowers on black nail art

I had several black nail polishes in mind for the black shimmer role, but there were no hesitations about what teal to use for the background – for some reason I knew it should be Galahad by A England. It’s not too dark or too light to be combined with black and pink, and its formula is so easy to work with. In the pics here you can see 2 coats of Galahad as a teal base color for the floral nail design.

Pink flowers on nails

As for the black background color, I finally decided upon Rimmel Black Pearl which is not that black actually, it’s more like a very deep charcoal with multicolored shimmer. I applied Black Pearl on tips over Galahad using a standard Rimmel brush (no tape this time), and I added some gold nail polish to hide the border between black and teal.

Green and black nail design

The list of nail polishes that I needed for the nail design:

  • A England Galahad – teal base color
  • Rimmel Black Pearl – black base color for tips
  • Orly Luxe – gold shimmer
  • Sally Hansen White On – white flowers
  • Essie Need a Vacation – light pink flowers
  • OPI You’re Such a Kabuki Queen – dark pink flowers (I love this color!)
  • Clear top coater

I also used a dotting tool to paint the flowers with.

Floral nail design - black and teal

I hope you liked it, I know the color combo looks a bit unusual (at least to me), but I’m glad I tried it ^^
Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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  1. Beautiful :) xx

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Hello, Sara! I’m glad you like it :)

  2. Aww, this is so beautiful – as usual – well done!!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank youuuu :)

  3. wow this design is so beautiful and the colors go really well together :) and the execution amazing as always :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      thank you :) this time all the credits go to the unknown japanese nail artist who invented this amazing combination of teal, black and pink – I fell in love with the combo as soon as I saw it..

  4. This is beautiful!! I can’t believe how simple it is, but still very detialed and interesting!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      yes :) this nail art is really easy to recreate and the colors look great together :)

  5. Wow! This is such a gorgeous mani!! Your skills are amazing!!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      thank you so much Jamie! *blush*

  6. Just found your blog and you are amazing! I am in awe of your nails!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      me flattered ^^ thank you so much!

  7. Roxy says: Reply

    I’ve add you to my blogroll. Your designs are so cute and yet so sophisticated! ;))

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, its really great to know that you like my designs :) I’ve just visited your blog, you have some very beautiful design ideas yourself ;)

  8. Myztic says: Reply

    Wow wow wow – by the time I get through going through your old posts I’m going to have my entire fall nail designs planned out :) . Great job!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      :)) I’m really happy you liked the floral design, you are right, the color combo is perfect for fall designs!

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